Stickers [2 Sizes] - 9 Year Anniversary Edition (LIMITED TIME)

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Stick me somewhere! Preferably somewhere *fun* .. 

Ready to let the world see what makes you tick? Our top-notch custom rectangle stickers are your canvas for all the quirky jokes, heartfelt beliefs, or the unique flair that's all you. Whether it's jazzing up your journals, giving your locker some love, or adding character to your toolbox, these stickers say it loud and proud.

We've got just the right fit for your statement: cozy 3” x 5” or a more spacious 4.5” x 7.5”, all on trusty clear 4 ml vinyl that can stand up to just about anything. We print each sticker with the kind of care you'd give a masterpiece, ensuring the colors stay as bright and enduring as your spirit. So go ahead, pick your size, and start sticking!